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Reports of engagement activities and events across the MRC.

Meet MRC scientists and discuss our research at the MRC Festival, science fairs  and public events, organised by MRC establishments all over the UK and in Africa. Or try helping our researchers by participating in an online project.

MRC researcher? Consider sharing your case study or activity report so others can learn from your experience. Email: publicengagement@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk

Tackling mitochondrial diseases - 2016

On 20 March, the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit took part in the Cambridge Science Festival with their session entitled ‘Fnidnig the msitkaes ni DNA that casue mitochondrial diseases’.

Putting a spotlight on public health - 2016

On 11 March the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow, unveiled an updated public information display at the Glasgow Science Centre about the unit’s work.

"So you want to be a biomedical scientist? 2015

Local high school pupils had the chance to quiz students, researchers and clinicians in the first annual career exploration day at the University of Edinburgh's MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

LMB inspires sixth-formers 2015

Twenty-six AS-level students had their eyes opened to the world of biology, when the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology ran an intensive week of tuition in a world-class research facility.

Cambridge Big Biology Day 2015

As part of the Big Biology Day in Cambridge, the public had the chance to grow their own protein crystals, before admiring their handiwork using the latest computer software.

Green Man Festival - 2015

Science at the Green Man Festival - In August, the Einstein’s Garden area of the Green Man Festival provided visitors with the opportunity to learn about a diverse range of research fields, from stem cells to renewable energies. 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - 2015

Along with 'Dangerous' ideas being aired at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the programme explored themes such as ‘Women in Science’, ‘Beauty and the face behind the selfie’ and ‘Away with the pseudoscience – the truth behind health and wellbeing’.