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A stained glass portrait of researcher Nancy McBride, created by Sarah Davies

Image credit: Frankie Stone

SciArt at Creative Reactions Bristol - 2018

As part of the annual Pint of Science festival, Creative Reactions Bristol curated a two-week exhibition of science art by over 30 collaborative pairings of artists and scientists in Bristol. The largest event of its kind in the UK, provided a unique insight into how artists, and scientists from the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit approach their own work and external collaboration from different mindsets.

Artists and scientists were paired together based on areas of expertise and interest and largely left to their own devices, with meet-ups and events to encourage collaboration along the way.

At least 1,500 people attended the exhibition and workshops within a local community centre. Following feedback, most attendees said they would recommend Creative Reactions and strongly agreed they’d like to see artists and scientists collaborate more. The artists and scientists both felt they benefitted from the collaboration, in terms of looking at their work differently and in broadening their skills.