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Medical Research Foundation

Make a difference to human health for decades to come.

In these challenging times, medical research has never been more important. The wellbeing of billions of people across the world depends on continual medical advances across all areas of health. And this challenge needs immense support, innovation and persistence.

The Medical Research Foundation is the charitable foundation of the MRC. We aim to advance medical research, improve human health and change people’s lives.

Many of the diseases and conditions that affect human health have been cured or overcome as a result of medical research – much of it MRC-funded and by UK researchers. 

But there will always be more to do.

Although significant resources are being spent on developing exciting new treatments and therapies, there are areas of medical need that receive little or no support – and people’s lives that see no improvement.

That’s where we step in.

The Medical Research Foundation is an independent charitable foundation funded by the giving public. We fund and support the most promising medical research wherever we discover great opportunities that are not being pursued.

We use our donations responsibly and ensure your support will have the greatest impact where it is most needed.

We meet the highest research standards through our unique connection with the MRC.

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What we fund

The Medical Research Foundation is not restricted to providing support for a particular disease or condition, or a particular research institution. We can respond to the emerging health needs of the nation and the wider world, and the research priorities and opportunities identified by scientific experts and our donors. All of our activities are focused on research: we do not provide advice or support, and nor do we undertake campaigning.

In 2019/20, the Medical Research Foundation invested another £3.4 million in research that will have a transformative impact on people’s lives, by addressing some of the biggest challenges facing human health today. This includes 53 new research grants, fellowships and studentship awards. Read our 2019 Annual Report to find out more.

Current research priorities, identified based on gaps in understanding, are the threat of drug resistant infections, adolescent mental health, and pain research. These are key public health challenges requiring ground-breaking ideas from some of the UK’s leading scientists.

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Get involved

If you are motivated to help the Medical Research Foundation fund more medical research that will change people’s lives, there are many ways you can get involved – from skydives and treks, to runs of every duration.

If you’d like to get involved in a fundraising event or hold an event of your own, please get in touch by email or call 020 7250 8212.

Or, if such derring-do doesn't appeal, you can make a donation today.


Contact us

Contact us for further information on our charity and the medical research we fund.

Call us on: 020 7250 8200
Email us at: contact@medicalresearchfoundation.org.uk
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