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Colour palette

Primary colours

The MRC primary colours are warm grey, blue, purple and should be the predominant colours used for all publications. White is an important element in the visual balance of our brand, so this should be used along with the primary palette.

Secondary colours

The four secondary colours complement the core colours and can be used to accent the primary colours.

Different tints of any of the primary or secondary colour palettes can be used. This is achieved by reducing the percentage of the original colour.

Colour values

To achieve accurate colour reproduction in print or electronic media, please use the colour breakdowns.

Primary palette

Warm Grey
Pantone Warm Grey 10
C0 M14 Y28 K55
R138 G121 B103
HEX: 8A7967

Pantone 315
C100 M0 Y12 K43
R33 G103 B126
HEX: 21677E

Pantone 259
C55 M100 Y0 K15
R106 G59 B119
HEX: 6A3B77

Secondary Palette

Pantone 228
C0 M100 Y4 K41
R130 G47 B90
HEX: 822F5A

Pantone 158
C0 M61 Y97 K0
R208 G114 B50
HEX: D07232

Pantone 116
C0 M14 Y100 K0
R255 G219 B0

Pantone 382
C34 M0 Y100 K0
R181 G211 B52
HEX: B5D334

For print use the Pantone colour or the CMYK breakdown if printing using four-colour process.

If you are using a Pantone colour, use it consistently throughout the publication. Do not alternate between Pantone, RGB and CMYK for the same colour as they will not be the exact match. Please note that colour that is printed on uncoated paper will look slightly different from when the same colour is printed on coated paper. Therefore avoid mixing paper finish when producing materials that are to be used together.

Screen reproduction

RGB and websafe (Hexadecimal) specifications are for screen/slide-based communications and website use. Please note that computer monitors can vary in colour calibrations, therefore colours can look slightly different from monitor to monitor.