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MRC Festival 2020 logo

MRC Festival visual identity

The MRC Festival visual identity and templates have been developed for use at MRC Festival events/activities or to promote MRC Festival events/activities.

MRC establishments are not expected to produce dedicated MRC Festival pop up banners or MRC Festival giveaways, as these could only be used during the MRC Festival period each year.

Also see our overarching branding guidelines.

If you have any questions please contact your Partnership Communications Manager.

  1. MRC Festival social media headers
  2. MRC Festival header
  3. MRC Festival email footer
  4. MRC Festival poster templates
  5. MRC Festival PowerPoint presentation template
  6. MRC Festival trifold leaflet template
  7. MRC Festival graphic elements
  8. MRC Festival artwork for your own merchandise

Social media headers

If you have any questions about using social media to promote your activity, please contact socialmedia@ukri.org.

Social media headers are available in a range of dimensions and are titled accordingly. Those without the MRC logo are only for use where you already have an MRC-branded avatar/icon.

To download a header, click the link to open and once opened, right click and save.

Social media post graphic

MRC Festival logo 18 May - 30 June 2020

To download a social media post graphic, click the link to open and once opened, right click and save:


Download the poster header graphic (once opened, right click and save).

Email footer

Many email set ups will not support the use of images, so do liaise with your IT department at the planning stage.

MRC Festival poster templates (A4, A3 and A2)

The poster templates are designed for use by all units, centres and institutes to promote their own event/activity. The design is suitable for use at A4, A3 and A2 size.

Templates are available in three formats:

  • Indesign (eps) for use by professional designers
  • Word (docx)
  • PowerPoint (pptx)

The template will enable you to edit the text and to populate the area reserved for logos. Please place your establishment logo on the bottom left hand side, with the logos of any other funders, running across the bottom.

MRC Festival PowerPoint templates

16:9 (PPTX file, 1.81MB) version is for use in widescreen presentations and widescreen formats such as TV, as well as web channels such as YouTube.

4:3 (PPTX file, 2.55MB) version is for use in standard presentations, Slideshare, iPads and also printing as a document.

MRC Festival trifold leaflet template (A4)

The leaflets are double sided and suitable for standard laser printing.

The template is provided in PowerPoint only.

MRC Festival graphic elements

MRC Festival graphic Logo

MRC Festival central graphic

MRC Festival web address coloured bar

The MRC Festival web address bar

Artwork for your own merchandise



T-shirt central graphic artwork (PNG format) (once opened right click and save)

T-shirt back graphic artwork (PNG format) (once opened right click and save)

T-shirt guide (PDF, 2.57MB)