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About us

MRC values and aims

The Medical Research Council improves human health through world-class medical research. Funded by the UK taxpayer, we support research across the biomedical spectrum, from fundamental lab-based science to clinical trials, and in all major disease areas.

The MRC’s mission is to:

  • Encourage and support research to improve human health.
  • Produce skilled researchers. 
  • Advance and disseminate knowledge and technology to improve the quality of life and economic competitiveness of the UK and worldwide. 
  • Promote dialogue with the public about medical research.

A key aim of our brand is to communicate our aims from our strategic delivery plan.

Expressing  or communicating the MRC brand to our audiences is about more than just applying the MRC logo to our communications. What we say affects the way people see us too.

The brand is communicated verbally through:

  • Articulation of our mission statement and key messages 
  • Our ‘tone of voice’ – the words and style of language  we use to explain what we do (see MRC style guide for detailed guidance on our copywriting style). 
  • How our activities are reported by others  in the press or in other materials (influenced by first two points).

It’s also communicated visually, through:

  • Consistent use of the MRC logo and font. 
  • Use of the MRC corporate colours. 
  • The quality and style of imagery we use. 
  • The style and design  of our communications.