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Primary typeface

The MRC typeface is Arial, for all publications, whether print or digital.

Arial is available in Regular, Bold and Italic weights. For emphasis, choose either Bold or Italic, not Bold Italic. Journal titles should be set in Italic eg. The Lancet, The Times, etc.

Please do not set type with e x p a n d e d or condensed characters or special effects eg. outlines or drop-shadows.

Avoid using BLOCK CAPITALS when communicating as they can appear to ‘shout’ at an audience. Try to use design or words for emphasis rather than block capital letters.

Avoid underlining text as this is now associated with hyperlinks and promotes the reader to start clicking erroneously. As with block capitals, try to use design or bold for emphasis. 

Optional typeface

Helvetica Neue can be used by professional designers where additional design options are required.

There are several weights of Helvetica Neue. Preferred weights to use are: Light, Regular, Bold, Light Italic and Italic. Please do not use expanded or condensed versions.

Type style

A range of hierarchies of type guides the reader through the page - for example: introduction text, pulled-out facts and figures and case studies. Arrange text left-aligned - never justified or centred.

Care should be taken to ensure good balance of white space to text areas as this is important to both the legibility and overall look and feel of the publications.

Tints and secondary colours can be used to pull out information such as quotes or case studies.


Use black for main body copy. Coloured text should be kept to a minimum, i.e. headings or captions only. Headings can use colours from the primary palette (see the colour palette page for more details). Secondary colours can also be used but only for differentiation in a long document or for ease of navigation when in a suite of products that sit alongside each other.

Minimum size

Please ensure that body copy is not set below 9pt on 12pt leading.