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Public inquiries

Disclosure of information

Public inquiries are conducted on behalf of the crown to investigate past events or issues of serious public concern. The Medical Research Council is committed to working with these inquiries to help them fulfil their legal mandate. This may mean helping inquiry staff to identify MRC information relevant to their terms of reference, making it available to them for inspection and/or providing a witness statement(s) if asked to do so.

In the course of these investigations, an inquiry may determine that it is in the public interest to disclose information provided by MRC to other participants, the general public or both. This may include sharing the information through the legal discovery process, oral hearings, or publication.

Current inquiries

The MRC has been working with the Infected Blood Inquiry since November 2018 to identify and provide access to information we hold that might be relevant to their terms of reference. This Inquiry is the independent public statutory inquiry into the use of infected blood and blood products in the UK, particularly since 1970. Further information may be found on the Infected Blood Inquiry website. Read their full terms of reference (PDF).

The MRC has been informed that some of the information provided by us will be disclosed and may be referenced in oral hearings and/or published. The Inquiry’s approach to protection of personal information during disclosure may be found in their Statement of Approach on Anonymity and Redaction (PDF).

Further information

For further information about the MRC’s work with public inquiries, please contact corporate@mrc.ukri.org.