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MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge, directed by Jan Löwe, is one of the birthplaces of modern molecular biology.  The institute has the goal of understanding biological processes at a molecular level with the ultimate aim of using this knowledge to tackle specific problems in human health and disease.

The particular strength of the LMB lies in its strong molecular focus, coupled with a wide range of techniques and subject areas, and the coherence that a single major funding source can provide. There are four scientific divisions – structural studies; protein and nucleic acid chemistry; cell biology; and neurobiology – and scientific collaboration between the different divisions is extensive.

The LMB provides an unsurpassed environment for both young and established researchers. Scientists are drawn to the LMB from all over the world, thus creating a lively and international community for the exchange of ideas and technical innovation.

The LMB has played an important role in the development of new techniques, most notably X-ray crystallography of proteins, DNA sequencing, monoclonal antibodies and cryoEM. Researchers at the institute tackle difficult, long-term problems which often require investment over many years.

For more information visit the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology website.