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Strategy Board & Overview Groups

Strategy Board

Strategy Board advises the Chief Executive and Council on areas requiring high level strategic input, including scientific strategies, prioritisation of funding and the distribution of budgets across the Research Boards and Panels. Strategy Board is also responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of MRC’s Strategic Plan and for allocating funding from the Strategic Budget.

Global Health Group

The Global Health Group (GHG) is responsible for ensuring that the MRC develops an effective strategy for addressing research needs across the spectrum of global health issues. This includes developing policy for research relevant to countries outside the G8 and European Union, taking into account the Department for International Development's aim for research relevant to the health of the poorest people.

Translational Research Group

The Translational Research Group (TRG) is responsible for ensuring strong continued support for translational research across the MRC. We support translational research across our funding Boards and Panels, through partnerships with other funders and major Higher Education Institutions and through dedicated funding schemes.

Population Health Sciences Group

The Population Health Sciences Group (PHSG) is responsible for developing the MRC's strategy for population-based health research and ensuring that the MRC's portfolio in this area remains strong across all our research boards.

Training & Careers Group

The Training and Careers Group (TCG) is responsible for developing the MRC strategy for non-clinical and clinical training, careers and skills. The TCG takes a broad, long term perspective on MRC's role and strategy in meeting skills shortages, the academic needs of trainees, clear career pathways, and the skills needs of the future.