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Strategy Board

Strategy Board advises the Executive Chair and council on areas requiring high-level strategic input, including scientific strategies, prioritisation of funding and the distribution of budgets across the research boards and panels. Strategy Board is also responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of MRC’s Strategic Plan and for allocating funding from the Strategic Budget.

Strategy Board meets seven times per year. The board is chaired by the Executive Chair. Membership consists of chairs of the four research boards (Infections and Immunity, Molecular and Cellular Medicine, Neurosciences and Mental Health, Population and Systems Medicine), chairs of the four overview groups (Global Health, Population Health Sciences, Training and Careers, Translational Research), the MRC Executive Chair, Chief Science Officer, and the MRC Clinical Director.

Strategic funding decisions

Strategy Board has a Strategic Budget of about £30 - 40 million per year. This is used to fund major strategic initiatives and large, cross-cutting strategic investments, which cannot easily be taken through normal board funding routes. Research organisations which are eligible for MRC funding may submit proposals for consideration by Strategy Board.


  • Professor Fiona Watt, Executive Chair, MRC (Chair)
  • Dr Robin Buckle, Chief Science Officer, MRC
  • Professor Patrick Chinnery, MRC Clinical Director, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak, Translational Research Group Chair, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith, Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board Chair, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Paul Kaye, Infections and Immunity Board, University of York
  • Professor Catherine Law, Global Health Group Chair, University College London
  • Professor Paul Matthews, Neurosciences and Mental Health Board Chair, Imperial College London             
  • Professor Moira Whyte, Training and Careers Group Chair, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Brian Walker, MRC Population and Systems Medicine Board Chair, Newcastle University
  • Professor Nick Wareham, MRC Population Health Sciences Group Chair, University of Cambridge

Meeting dates 2020

Month Date
February Thursday 13 February 2020

Wednesday 25 March 2020

May Thursday 7 May 2020
July Thursday/Friday 9/10 July 2020
September Thursday 17 September 2020
October Wednesday 28 October 2020
December  Thursday/Friday 10/11 December 2020


For any queries regarding Strategy Board, please contact: StrategyBoard@mrc.ukri.org