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Training & Careers Group

The Training and Careers Group (TCG) is responsible for developing the MRC strategy for non-clinical and clinical training, careers and skills. The TCG takes a broad, long term perspective on MRC's role and strategy in meeting skills shortages, the academic needs of trainees, clear career pathways, and the skills needs of the future. It assists the MRC in coordinating the research training strategy with other organisations including the National Institute for Health Research, industry, professional organisations and the other research councils. The group liaises with research boards and the other groups to ensure training and research strategies are aligned.

The Chair of the TCG is Professor Moira Whyte, the Head of the Edinburgh Medical School and ex officio Board Member of NHS Lothian, University of Edinburgh.


  • Professor Moira Whyte (Chair), University of Edinburgh 
  • Dr Nessa Carey, Chair of CASE studentships panel, PraxisUnico
  • Professor Gillian Elliott, Dept of Microbial Sciences, University of Surrey
  • Professor Jeremy Hall, Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Institute, Cardiff University
  • Professor Jeremy Tavare, School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol
  • Professor Jennifer Potts, Dept of Biology, University of York
  • Professor John Whittaker, GSK
  • Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, Director, Institute for Global Health, University College London
  • Professor Richard Coward, Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol
  • Professor Rosalind Smyth (Clinical chair), Director, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
  • Dr Declan Mulkeen, Chief of Strategy, MRC (permanent member)
  • Dr Robin Buckle, Chief Science Office, MRC (permanent member)

Dr Joanna Robinson; Head of Capacity and Skills

Email: joanna.robinson@mrc.ukri.org

  • MRC Training & Careers Group
  • UKRI Research Careers Network
  • Clinical Academic Training Forum (CATF)
  • RCP Research & Academic Medicine Committee

Dr Julia Dickinson; Programme Manager for Clinical Careers Strategy

Email: Julia.dickinson@mrc.ukri.org


  • Strategy for clinical careers
  • Clinician Scientist Fellowships
  • Senior Clinical Fellowships
  • Clinical Academic Research Partnerships (CARP)
  • MRC Clinical Pharmacology and Pathology Fellowship Programmes
  • Technology specialist careers


  • MRC Training & Careers Group
  • AMS Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers
  • Clinical Academic Training Forum (CATF)
  • Technician’s Commitment Steering Group

Dr Kristina Harrison; Programme Manager for Studentships

Email: kristina.harrison@mrc.ukri.org


  • MRC studentship policy and strategy
  • MRC Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP)
  • Industrial CASE studentships
  • Student communications, engagement and internships
  • Fellows communications and engagement


  • MRC Training & Careers Group
  • Co-funded Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) advisory boards

Dr Sherie Wright; Programme Manager for Non-Clinical Fellowships

Email: Sherie.Wright@mrc.ukri.org


  • Skills Development Fellowships
  • Transition to Independence fellowships (Career development awards)
  • Daphne Jackson fellowships
  • Transition to Leadership fellowships (Senior Non-Clinical Fellowships)
  • Strategy for non-clinical careers


  • MRC Training and Careers Group
  • AMS Mentoring and Career Development Programme

Jessica Phanwises; Panel Manager for Non-clinical Fellowships and Studentships

Email: Jessica.Phanwises@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk


  • CASE studentships
  • Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP)
  • Non-clinical Fellowships (Career Development Awards, Senior Non-clinical Fellows)
  • Skills Development Fellows


  • MRC studentship reporting and data capture (including cross-council improvement projects)

Kim Mugford; Panel Manager for Clinical Fellowships

Email: kimberley.mugford@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk


  • Clinical Fellowships (Clinical Research Training Fellowships, Clinician Scientist Fellows, Senior Clinical Fellows)


  • MRC fellowships guidance and webpage review
  • Secretariat for Budget Tracker
  • Secretariat for Training and Careers Group

Dr Rachel Harris; Panel Manager for Clinical Academic Partnership Awards

Email: Rachel.Harris@mrc.ukri.org


  • Clinical Academic Research Partnerships (CARP)