About us

Spending & accountability

Facts & figures

High-level spending figures on funding research and supporting scientists.

Pay & spend data

Our transparency page has details on staff numbers and grades, names and salaries of senior staff, pay scales for junior staff, and details of major expenditure.

Annual report

Details of our activities and achievements in research, partnerships, training and career development, knowledge transfer, and public engagement, plus financial information.

Delivery plan

Research councils publish delivery plans as a final product of a Government Spending Review (SR). The delivery plan sets out a council’s priorities for spending funds and outlines the activities it intends to undertake over the SR period.

Consultation & inquiry responses

As the UK’s leading publicly funded medical research organisation the MRC frequently submits evidence relating to consultations and inquiries. Written submissions to Parliamentary Select Committees, Government and other organisations are available in this section.

Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research

Monitors the translational research activity funded by government and explores the role it could play in enhancing the funders’ existing contributions to economic growth through the life science sector.