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My money and the reward

Base Pay

The MRC pay structure is a seven band pay structure where each band is split into three sections.  As a new starter you will normally start in the developmental A section of your pay band and will be promoted to the B section when you have shown you are competent in your role.  The promotion from A to B will be underpinned by at least a 5% pay increase, or the minima of the B section.  The ‘s-zone’ section of the band is for employees who have shown sustained excellence in their performance over at least a three year period and is subject to local affordability.

New employees at MRC Head Office will be recruited to the UKRI pay structure.  There is currently no in-band movement for this structure.

Dependent on your role, you may also be eligible for additional allowances including overtime and on call payments.

Annual Pay increases

UKRI’s annual pay award date is 1st July (applicable to MRC T&C’s from 2020 onwards).   As a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB), funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), each year we have to gain approval from the government to make changes to the basic pay arrangements of staff.  We do not have annual "increments" at UKRI (i.e. you will not automatically go up a pay spine point each year on the MRC scale) but we do work hard to maintain the competitiveness of our salaries by providing a great overall benefits package and promotions system

Additional London Allowances

If you work at an UKRI workplace that is the Greater London area you will most likely be eligible for additional London allowances.  We have two different rates for Inner and Intermediate London depending on where your workplace is.


UKRI are currently reviewing the bonus arrangements for UKRI employees going forward