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Guidance for use of the MRC-Industry Asset Sharing Initiative in Experimental Medicine Challenge Grant Applications


MRC-Industry Asset Sharing Initiative

MRC is working with a number of industry partners (including AstraZeneca, GSK, J&J, Pfizer, Takeda and UCB) to provide researchers access to their deprioritised compounds.

This unique initiative supports MRC’s strategic priority in understanding mechanisms of human disease through discovery science and drive towards its mission of supporting research that can be applied to improve healthcare and benefit for patients. It also provides the pharma partners the opportunity to engage with the academic community across a range of disease areas that may fall outside their core focus.

This virtual library of compounds (XLSX, 23KB) is available to support experimental medicine studies, and for use in the Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants competition.

Asset Pool

The full list of assets is available to download (XLSX, 23KB) (updated 15 March 2018), together with limited non-confidential information on each compound, sufficient to allow potential applicants to determine whether they could be used in planned research projects. Further details of compounds will be shared as appropriate, by the companies under a confidentiality agreement with researchers after successful submission of an outline application (DOC, 184KB). This information sharing will allow full applications to be made with the relevant company to MRC, and studies to be conducted appropriately.

Application Process

Compounds available through the MRC-Industry Asset Sharing Initiative can be used for applications to the Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants call. 

The Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants (EMCG) initiative supports ambitious programmes of research into disease pathophysiology, conducted in humans. The MRC seeks to generate new and deeper understanding of human disease mechanisms and identification of potential new therapeutic targets, so accelerating translation of basic science to impact on patient health. To this end, the EMCG scheme will support ambitious, challenge-led, experiment-focussed studies, conducted in human participants, to explore disease mechanism.

Applicants to the Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants call wishing to use compounds from the Asset Sharing Initiative should follow the guidance and system for applying to the Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants scheme


You should contact the MRC Programme Manager for Experimental Medicine, Dr Rebecca Barlow, before submission of an outline: rebecca.barlow@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk Tel: 0207 395 2204

For other queries please contact: Experimental.Medicine@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk