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MRC Applied Global Health Research Board

  • Time remaining: 2m 3w 0d 0h 30m
  • Status: Open
  • Open date: 8 Jan 2020
  • Closing date: 7 Apr 2020 16:00 GMT+1
  • Type: Grants, Researcher-led

The MRC have launched a new research funding Board inviting applications in applied global health research for more information see here.

What remit will the new Board cover?

The new Board will fund global health research that is embedded within local contexts in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Proposals should focus on ideas that will have real world practical application to improve health.

Proposals are encouraged to be multidisciplinary. The research objectives need to focus on health impact, but inputs and activities need not be limited to the health sector. All applications are expected to include effective, relevant and sustainable research capacity building and must be eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA).

The Board remit has a broad focus and includes the MRC’s existing global health priority areas such as environment and health, urban health, maternal and neonatal health, adolescent health, early childhood development, multimorbidity, and implementation research.

This broad remit bridges opportunity gaps and complements existing programmes. Proposals which consist solely of earlier phase research, large-scale, late-phase intervention trials, or health systems research will continue to be accepted through existing mechanisms (see links).

Who can apply to the new Board?

Principal Investigators in LMICs can apply directly to the Board without the need for a UK partner. Applications led by UK PIs must include LMIC co-applicants and be founded upon genuine equitable partnerships.

Why is the new Board being created?

Over recent years MRC’s global health expenditure has continued to rise, leading to an increase in the number of strategic activities. The new Board allows the consolidation of activities and provides a predictable and consistent opportunity for funding across the applied global health research spectrum, to reflect the range of health threats facing LMIC populations.

In addition, the new Board provides a unique and consistent mechanism for LMIC investigators to apply directly for MRC ODA funding.

What are the key submission dates?

The Board will have two funding rounds per year. Dates for the first two rounds are as follows:

Round 1
Outline application deadline: 7 April 2020
Applicants informed of outcome of outline review and full applications invited: July 2020
Full application deadline: 6 October 2020
Applicants informed of outcome: February 2021

Round 2
Outline application deadline: 6 October 2020
Applicants informed of outcome of outline review and full applications invited: February 2021
Full application deadline: April 2021
Applicants informed of outcome: July 2021

Who should I contact for more information?

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact international@mrc.ukri.org.