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Panel, remit and scope


Current membership of the BMBR Panel can be found on our structure page. 

Remit and scope

For the purposes of obtaining funding from BMBR, methodology research must include at least one of the following:

  • Research primarily targeting underpinning methodologies, to create generalizable learning. Research must extend beyond a single case-study or application.
  • 'Methods in research’, the development of methods for their implementation in research standards, with the aim of improving quality and consistency in practice, for example consensus statements.
  • Research framed within a pathways to disseminate the developed methodology, or associated learning, such as to maximise implementation and adoption. This can be comparative to test and evaluate methodology or translational to create step changes in utility or uptake.
  • Research that is led by the methodological needs of a breadth of researchers, where research outputs are designed to maximise the informative value and utility across this breadth.

More specifically:

  • Research methods in disciplines underpinning health research including: biomedical, behavioural and social science, experimental and stratified medicine, randomised trials, cohorts and other research designs investigating health, healthcare, health services and health policy.
  • Methods for effective regulation (including indices for decision making), approval, adaptation and reporting of new interventions (including behavioural and digital).
  • Research methods for valid measures of health, e.g. health outcomes, exposure and risk (including behaviour, cognition and emotion) and wellbeing.

The research portfolio will cover the following disciplines in relation to medical/health research:

  • Health economics and decision science
  • Trial design, biostatistics and mathematical modelling
  • Bio and health informatics and computational modelling
  • Epidemiology and public health (including geography)
  • Behavioural sciences and health psychology
  • Social Sciences (including sociology and anthropology)
  • Organisational/management science
  • Qualitative and health services science
  • Ethics and law

We will not fund research aimed at technology development as part of methodology research, but it may support statistical approaches and research methods linked to new technologies.

Researchers seeking funding for biomarker identification and validation should apply through the relevant research boards.

Researchers seeking funding to develop methodology within a specific application should also apply through the relevant research boards. In this instance applicants should additionally contact the Better Methods, Better Research Programme Manager to ensure best methodological support is provided throughout the peer review process.

Multidisciplinarity is welcomed and, where relevant, MRC will consult with partner funding organisations (within UKRI and more broadly) to ensure full support and coverage of expertise throughout the peer review process.

All applications to BMBR must comply with the aims of the programme.

BMBR Portfolio

For details of successfully funded proposals portfolio page document.

Funding opportunities

The BMBR Panel meets biannually and provides final funding recommendations for BMBR awards. BMBR Awards cover the entire remit or MRC and NIHR, prioritising current rate-limiting methodological challenges for health research (see Strategy).

Information on current funding can be found on our funding page.