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Hubs for Trials Methodology Research

As part of a continued commitment to methodology research in clinical trials, the MRC supports a network of six centres — the MRC Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research. These hubs coordinate methodology research across the UK, act as an interacting resource for researchers wishing to develop new trial methodologies, and train the next generation of methodologists.

Centres within the hubs

  • North West Hub – Professor Paula Williamson (Network Chair)
  • BSU – Dr Adrian Mander
  • ConDuCT II – Professor Jane Blazeby
  • CTSU – Professor Rory Collins
  • London – Professor Mahesh Parmar

Working groups

The MRC Network of Hubs for Trails Methodology Research operate eight working groups to inform all aspects of trials research methodology:

More information

For more information please visit the Hubs for Trails Methodology Research webpage or contact the Methodology Advisory Service for Trials.

Published guidance and resources

The Methodology Research Programme are developing guidance documents to inform best practice in methodological design for your research. Please visit our Methodology Guidance Portal for a full list of available resources.

Training and career support

Individuals wishing to develop their skills in research methods should also consider opportunities within the NIHR Research Methods Programme.

Please visit the website for full details of how MRC supports research careers.

MRP case studies

  • Cancer Chronotherapy - Professor Bärbel Finkenstädt Rand; Department of Statistics, University of Warwick
  • Robot analyst - Professor Sophia Ananiadou; Department of computer Science, University of Manchester
  • Multi-Parameter Evidence Synthesis - Professor Nicky Welton; School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol