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Microbiome and health

In recent years we have seen increased interest in the role of the microbiome in the maintenance of health and the development of disease. This is an exciting new area of health research.

We already support some microbiome research through the Population and Systems Medicine Board, but encourage a wider range of applications, from mechanistic studies through to more translational approaches to underpin the development of new health interventions.

Examples include:

  • Studies linking changes in the microbiome with health, resilience or disease at key stages of the lifecourse.
  • Exploring links between the microbiome, immune and nutritional status, and response to treatment.
  • Health benefits of personalised microbiome management.
  • Identification of microbial metabolites as prodromal markers of human disease.
  • Development of improved animal models to establish causality and investigate disease processes.

Successful applications will be supported through our normal range response-mode mechanisms – see How we fund research - and will be assessed in partnership with other research boards, as required.

For further guidance including a range of issues that applicants should consider when formulating their applications see our microbiome challenges (PDF 26KB) (PDF, 26KB) and microbiome guidance (PDF 26KB) (PDF, 26KB) documents.