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Strategic investments and partnerships (PSMB)

The Population and Systems Medicine Board (PSMB) is one of the stakeholders in the large-scale MRC investment in multidisciplinary Institutes. PSMB’s strategic investments also encompass MRC Units and Centres within its domain of interest.


The MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (MRC LMS)  is at the forefront of innovative biomedical research and, in partnership with Imperial College London and others, promotes the translation of its research for maximal benefit.



Other strategic investments

Strategic relationships

We work with a large array of funding partners, research charities and industries.

UKRI and internal partnerships

  • To augment our data-driven and systems-based approach, we will connect our portfolio interests with the Health Data Research UK, a new national MRC partnership  institute for health and biomedical informatics research, and promote interactions with other initiatives in biomedical and health informatics.
  • We took an active role in work that resulted in the Cross-Council vision for Food, Nutrition and Health research jointly published by the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and MRC.

National partnerships

Our portfolio includes:

  • three centres jointly funded with Arthritis Research UK
  • significant joint investments with the Wellcome Trust such as ALSPAC and the Institute for Metabolic Sciences in Cambridge
  • strong relationships with the British Heart Foundation in a range of areas - for example, the AIMHY stratified medicine consortium
  • we take responsibility for the cross-board interest area of CFS/ME research, working closely with the CFS/ME charities and funders through The UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC)

International partnerships

  • Our drive to tackle global health will continue our partnership with DfID. We are also expanding our outreach by establishing links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The World Health Organisation.
  • As part of the Joint Programme Initiative A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL) MRC supported UK researchers’ participation in DEDIPAC, an international Knowledge Hub on the Determinants of DIet and Physical Activity Choice
  • By joining forces with the BBSRC and other EU funders we participated in the international efforts to support multidisciplinary transnational research that investigates causal relationships between diet, intestinal microbiota and health. Two successful research consortia involving UK researchers were funded as part of the JPI HDHL Intestinal Microbiomics research call.
  • MRC was also a partner in the JPI HDHL transnational call for research proposals on Nutrition and Cognitive Function (NutriCog) and has supported three of the successful research consortia.

Partnership with industry

  • PSMB continues to work with industry partners in the pharma, biotech, data and food sectors. In particular, we have been an active partner in three diet and health initiatives - the BBSRC-led Diet and Health Research Industry Club (DRINC) and Priming Food Partnerships initiative, and Innovate UK’s Nutrition for Life.