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How to get involved

Depending on what type of collaboration you are interested in, there are different routes to how you can get involved. For more details, please refer to the statement below which describes your situation best.

I want to get involved but have no academic partner

You can find information on the research and researchers we fund from a list of our institutes, units and centres and in Gateway to Research. Using a disease condition, for example, dementia, or discipline such as, drug safety; as a search term in this database will provide details of the research, past and present, funded by the UK research councils in that area. You can contact Industry@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk for more help and your relevant bio-industry trade association may also be useful.

Please note that the lead applicant for any of our collaborative funding schemes must be your academic partner.

I am interested in developing potential industry researchers of tomorrow

MRC aims to stimulate collaborative research across industry and academia, including development of skills and knowledge exchange. To enable scientists to build successful research collaborations and make the most of ‘open careers’ between industry and academia, we offer a range of schemes and mechanisms. These include the MRC Industry CASE award for PhD students, the MRC Fellowship - Partnership Award for existing MRC fellows and an advice stage for existing and prospective fellows who wish to find out more about industry collaboration. In addition, all of our fellowship schemes are open to applications involving industry partnerships.

Contact us: fellows@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk

I have/am an academic partner who wants to apply for a collaborative grant but don’t know the next steps

Depending on the area of research, your project proposal should be submitted to the appropriate funding board. As the project involves an industrial partner, you also need to complete a MICA form. The MICA is the gateway to any research and fellowship funding scheme. It is a flexible agreement between commercial and academic partners to undertake collaborative research. Read more about how to apply for a MICA here.

If you are interested in applying for a PhD Studentship award for a collaboration project with industry, please apply for an Industrial CASE Studentship.

Any of our fellowship awards can be in collaboration with industry. Read more about the fellowship awards and how to submit a collaborative application.

Please note that all applications must be led by an academic partner.

I am an academic and want to apply for one of your schemes but don’t know how to find an industrial partner

The MRC sometimes organises joint workshops and symposiums, bringing together industry representatives with academic researchers. Details of these events will be posted to this site. It may also be worth attending specific networking conferences sometimes held by companies, or contacting bio-industry trade associations for help.

Academic researchers may also benefit from advice from their University Research Office.

For information on current opportunities to engage in larger initiatives, please email: industry@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk