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What do you want from the MRC blog?

by Guest Author on 21 Jun 2013

(Image credit: Flickr/Sharon Drummond)

(Image credit: Flickr/Sharon Drummond)

Yesterday, the MRC turned 100. Today is the slightly less significant one-year anniversary of the launch of our blog MRC Insight. We’ve had great fun blogging about the MRC, its research and researchers in the past year, but now we want to know what you, the readers, want from the blog in the future.

We started blogging because we wanted to reveal a side of the MRC that people don’t usually see: something different from the logo, the grant application form or our annual report. We wanted to show you who we fund, introduce MRC staff, look at some of the issues facing medical research today and delve into our rich history, an aspect that’s particularly important in our Centenary year.

We’ve been working towards many of these aims. We’ve had researchers blog about how they intend to use MRC funds to further a particular research area, how they feel about our open access policy, and why they wanted the Olympic Games to be over. MRC staff have blogged about overseas trips and MRC events. We’ve covered animal research, a trip to Everest, and what the ‘father of epidemiology’ John Snow might think about the field today. We’ve profiled researchers, pondered what’s going on in photos from our past, and had guest posts from David Willetts and Vince Cable.

We’ve also used the blog to explore multimedia, with soundslides, photo galleries, embedded audio snippets and videos.

We can tell from the numbers that our readers tend to look at some types of content more than others, but we also know that there are probably particular types of content and insights into the MRC that we’re just not giving you at all.

So we have one question for you: what do you want to see more of on MRC Insight? We can’t promise anything, but feedback will be useful in guiding the future direction of the blog.

Please pick one or more from the list below, and feel free to comment either in the ‘other’ box or in the article comments.


Thanks for your input and thanks for reading!


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