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Impact of MRC funded cohorts

4 Dec 2017

The UK has a strong background in epidemiology and public health research. One of the most robust sources of data for this area of research comes from the MRC’s unparalleled collection of large scale population cohort studies

Training the next generation of trials methodology researchers

9 Nov 2017

The MRC Hubs for Trials Methodology Research Network has developed a cohort of PhD students undertaking specific projects in trials methodology research. This important programme helps build capacity in an area of research that makes a difference to patients and the trials community.

MRC study shows that Mediterranean diet could prevent 19,000 deaths a year in UK

9 Nov 2017

In 2016, MRC-funded scientists studying the UK’s eating habits showed that thousands of deaths from heart disease and stroke could be prevented if everybody ate a Mediterranean diet. The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil and fruits and vegetables, have had a popular following for many years, but the study is the first to look at it in the real world of the UK thanks to the EPIC-Norfolk cohort group.

Mobile app to help patients with psychosis is a finalist of health technology awards

9 Nov 2017

In 2016, an app developed by scientists at the University of Manchester Farr Institute Of Health Informatics Research became a finalist at the annual AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards. ClinTouch is a pioneering mobile phone app designed to improve the care and lives of people living with psychosis by monitoring real-time symptoms and reducing unscheduled and emergency hospital admissions.