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A new Cross-Council vision for Food, Nutrition and Health research

27 Mar 2015

The Medical Research Council (MRC), Biotechnology & Biological Sciences
Research Council (BBSRC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) have today published a Cross-Council vision for Food, Nutrition and Health research (PDF, 6.07MB) which recognises that a cohesive strategy is needed to fully support integrative research and a whole system approach.

The vision highlights the emerging opportunities for closer joint working across disciplines and in partnership with other funding organisations, policy makers and industry, to ensure that the evidence base generated will deliver public health benefits and drive positive change within health policy and practice.

In the spirit of the joint Research Council Food, Nutrition and Health vision, MRC and BBSRC will partner to encourage co-ordinated effort in mechanistic nutritional research through Responsive Mode later in 2015.


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