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COVID-19 drugs trial rolled out across UK homes and communities

12 May 2020

A UK trial – testing whether low-risk treatment in the community can help people at higher risk of complications from COVID-19 to get better quicker, reducing the need for hospital admission – is today announcing that older people who have had coronavirus symptoms for 15 days or less can now also screen for the trial online.

More than 500 GP surgeries are already recruiting people aged 50–64 with a pre-existing illness, or aged 65 and over, into the trial.

It is the first trial of COVID-19 treatments to take place in primary care, one of the UK Government’s four national priority platform trials on the disease, and is funded by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) COVID-19 rapid response.   

Led by an Oxford University team, the Platform Randomised trial of Interventions against COVID-19 in older peoPLE (PRINCIPLE) trial is testing pre-existing drugs for older patients in the community who show signs of the disease.

From this week, the trial is now also screening participants online. This means that regardless of which GP surgery they are registered with, older people with coronavirus symptoms can now pre-screen for the trial at home via an online questionnaire to see whether they can be included.

For details of participating GP surgeries, and a link to the online screening questionnaire, visit the PRINCIPLE trial website. PRINCIPLE is led from the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Oxford.

Read the full news article on the UKRI website.

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