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Photo courtesy of David Sayer

New chair for the MRC Infections and Immunity Board

4 Apr 2018

On 1 April, leading immunologist Professor Paul Kaye started his tenure as the new Chair of the MRC Infections and Immunity Board.

Professor of Immunology at the University of York and Hull York Medical School, Paul is internationally recognised for his research on the neglected tropical disease leishmaniasis, and on the biology of two types of specialised immune cells – macrophages and dendritic cells. Paul is also well-known for his work on understanding the impact of chronic infection on surrounding tissue. 

MRC research boards and panels are made up of a group of leading scientists who play a key role in delivering MRC objectives across the portfolio. The research boards hold their own research budgets and review and manage scientific activity within their specialist areas. Board chair tenure typically lasts for four years.

Paul has worked for more than 30 years on the immunology and immunopathology of leishmaniasis, caused by a microscopic parasite spread via infected female sandflies. He tackles leishmaniasis from a holistic perspective, combining classical techniques in immunology and pathology with tools and approaches taken from other disciplines, including computational modelling, ecology, vector biology and neuroscience.  

With extensive links to leishmaniasis-endemic countries in South Asia, East Africa and South America, Paul is currently leading a Phase II therapeutic vaccine trial in Sudan (Wellcome-funded). He is developing a digital pathology network to facilitate data sharing using MRC-Global Challenge Research Funding and establishing a new human challenge model for leishmaniasis through the MRC Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme. 

Commenting on his appointment, Paul said:

“The MRC has supported my research for the past 30 years, and so it is an honour to be able to give something back and help to ensure that research on immunology and infection retains a prominent role within the new UK research landscape.” 

Paul is a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator and an elected Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences. He succeeds Professor Paul Moss, who completed his term as board chair on the 31 March 2018. 


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