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Network: Autumn 2018 (PDF, 9.05MB)

In this issue:

Delving into the archives to reveal the history of blood donation; highlights from this year’s MRC Festival and top tips for doing public engagement; Dr Oluwafemi Akande on bringing building design and public health together;  the AllTrials campaign to make all clinical research publicly available; and Professor John Gallacher on why secure data sharing is crucial for dementias research.

Network: Summer 2018 (PDF, 3.43MB)

Comment from our new Executive Chair Professor Fiona Watt; how MRC researchers are outfoxing the flu with year-round research efforts; why we’re investing in personalised medicine and technology to solve health challenges; and an opinion piece from 18-year-old Eilean MacDonald on childhood arthritis and how research can give patients a voice.

Network: Spring 2018 (PDF, 5.96MB)

Professor Bart De Strooper asks why there are no treatments yet for Alzheimer’s disease and explores what the future may hold; we announce Health Data Research UK sites; gain an insight into the working life of the 2017 Millennium Medal winner Professor Janet Darbyshire and read highlights of the award ceremony.

Network: Winter 2017/18 (PDF, 13.39MB)

Can big data mend a broken heart? Read our Max Perutz Science Writing Award winning article; an insight into the working life of the head of global health R&D Dr Pauline Williams; we celebrate 70 years of global health research in The Gambia; and hear from Cecily Berryman on sharing rare data for a common cause.

Network: Summer 2017 (PDF, 4.44MB)

Dementia research institute established; Old drugs, new dementia treatments?; Bats reveal virus history; Drug halts hot flushes; Secrets of our first seven days – using gene editing to improve IVF success; Working life of a surgeon and researcher; Charles Fletcher, the first TV doctor; 70 years under the lens of medical research; Opinion: why patient involvement in research matters.

Network Summer 2014 (PDF, 2.88MB)

Imaging the unimaginable; Front line operations; My work space: Dr Lori Passmore; Working life: Dr Richard Coward; Opinion: Why basic research is needed to understand human disease

Network Spring 2014 (PDF, 3.62MB)

Custom-made kit enabling pioneering research; Living healthier for longer; The power of persuasion; Professor Ian Deary’s unique furnishings; Professor Susan Gathercole on how to succeed; Sharing data saves lives opinion by Professors Jill Pell and Liam Smeeth; plus the usual news and funding opportunities sections.

Network Winter 2013/2014 (PDF, 2.30MB)

Beyond the brain; Scott Armstrong’s winning 2013 Max Perutz Science Writing Award article; MRC Centenary Award holder career updates; Rising to the global challenge; plus the usual news and funding opportunities sections.

Network Autumn 2013 (PDF, 2.57MB)

MRC Centenary Open Week; Last of the ‘lab-boys’; Dame Sally Macintyre on 30 years of tackling health inequalities; Boost for UK brain banks; plus the usual news and funding opportunities sections.