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Network: Spring 2015

In this issue

Homing in on cancer; Bench to boardroom – setting up a spin out company; remembering Mary Lyon; Ebola update; New career resource for medical researchers; Green light for mitochondrial donation

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Comment from John Savill, Chief Executive


Green light for mitochondrial donation

New career resource for medical researchers

Nobel Laureate appointed President Elect of the Royal Society

Ebola vaccine safe and ready for wider testing

£14m to find more targeted treatments

European boost to dementia research

Farewell to NIMR, hello to The Crick

Patients welcome genome sequencing

Brightest young minds in dementia research gather in London

Cravings: Can your food control you?

Prions in the art gallery

Latest discoveries

Baby eye movement may predict autism

Protective drug slashes HIV infection risk

Brain cooling offers Alzheimer's prevention clue

Why weekend lie-ins could make you fatter


Remembering Mary Lyon and her impact on mouse genetics


New multimillion pound India-UK research centres

Nurturing early collaboration with industry


Homing in on the Big C

Working life: Professor Stefan Neubauer, on setting up a spin-out company