Network summer 2017: Chief Executive's comment

Delivering the science that society really needs is one of the driving forces behind the MRC’s strategy. Our strategy promises to support excellent research in areas that are poised to deliver substantive progress in tackling health challenges facing the UK and the world.

One such area is the need to improve our ability to extract valuable knowledge from the vast amounts of data our researchers create. This has always been a personal goal for me, so I was delighted that in March the MRC and our partners announced a brand new institute, Health Data Research UK, to bring together health data at clinical, lab and population levels on a national scale to address some of the world’s most pressing health problems, building on the Farr Institute’s success (see page 4 (PDF, 4.44MB)).

Another area poised to deliver progress is dementia, which is now one of the biggest health challenges facing our society. With two charity partners, we’re creating the UK Dementia Research Institute to search for new ways to prevent and cure dementia. There’s still much we don’t know, so one of the institute’s first tasks is to fill the gaps in our knowledge of how the healthy brain functions and what leads to its degeneration (see page 3 (PDF, 4.44MB)).

I’m confident these two excellent partnership institutes will help us fulfil our mission to support the very best science to improve human health.

Sir John Savill

MRC Chief Executive