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Changing Lives 2018

An introduction to the MRC for the general public. May 2018.

  • Issued: 07 June 2018

Network: Summer 2018

Comment from our new Executive Chair Professor Fiona Watt; how MRC researchers are outfoxing the flu with year-round research efforts; why we’re investing in personalised medicine and technology to solve health challenges; and an opinion piece from 18-year-old Eilean MacDonald on childhood arthritis and how research can give patients a voice.

  • Issued: 04 June 2018

Network: Spring 2018

Professor Bart De Strooper asks why there are no treatments yet for Alzheimer’s disease and explores what the future may hold; we announce Health Data Research UK sites; gain an insight into the working life of the 2017 Millennium Medal winner Professor Janet Darbyshire and read highlights of the award ceremony.

  • Issued: 10 April 2018