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Informatics vision and strategy

Unprecedented volumes of data are being generated through patient records, population studies, clinical trials, imaging and large-scale biological studies such as genomics. Use of these data enables research on a scale not previously possible, leading to transformational advances in medicine and public health.

The MRC’s vision is to harness information contained within clinical, population, cellular and molecular datasets to gain new scientific insights into health and wellbeing. This vision is underpinned by five strategic elements:

  • Supporting cutting-edge research using large datasets
  • Funding infrastructure, tools and technologies to enable data collection, management, storage, analysis and linkage
  • Building capacity in skills needed for analysing large datasets such as bioinformatics, biostatistics, population health sciences and methodology research
  • Policies to encourage data discovery, access and sharing
  • Developing frameworks to protect confidentiality, ensuring data is managed in safe research environments with appropriate governance

To achieve our vision, the MRC has invested over £90m, in partnership with government and charity funders, in a number of strategic initiatives in informatics research.