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Research & activities

Between 2008 and 2015 the Research Councils, in partnership with the UK health departments, committed £51m of joint funding specifically aimed at multi-disciplinary cross-sector ageing research.

3 Hearing Aid Network Awards £0.3m

Exploratory Workshop on Transformational
Approaches to Improving Hearing Aid Technology 

Biomarkers of healthy ageing  
7 Design for Wellbeing awards £8m
5 Physical Activity awards £4m
7 Extending Working Lives awards £5.3m
CCACE Centre renewal £3.5m
10 pilot studies £2.5m
7 research grants £9m
3 collaborative projects £4.5m
10 collaborative development networks £0.5m
3 research centres £11m


Hearing Aid Networks – £0.3m

Three awards (PDF, 56KB) were made to support cross-disciplinary networking to promote research in optimising devices for individuals. These three networks currently include over 40 participants including biologists, audiologist, psychologists, electrical engineers, ENT clinicians, acoustical engineers, computer scientists, hearing charities, and representatives from hearing aid manufacturers. The networks will be hosted by Cardiff University, UCL, and Manchester University but include researchers from all areas of Great Britain. ​


A report of the 2014 LLHW Exploratory Workshop on Transformational Approaches to Improving Hearing Aid Technology is available to download (PDF, 148KB).

Markers of ageing - Biomarkers of Healthy Ageing (PDF, 1.08MB) 

We have commissioned experts in the field to develop guidance for the validation of markers in consultation with the wider research community. This work has now been published in BMC Medicine.


Promoting Physical Activity in Older Age - £4m

Five awards (PDF, 81KB) were made supporting research into the physiological effects and determinants of physical activity and sedentary lifestyles, and measurement of activity and inactivity, in older populations.

Design for Wellbeing: Ageing and mobility in the built environment - £8m

Seven projects integrating engineering, social science and design research for wellbeing in the built environment have been funded. The projects take a whole systems approach to consider ways in which better design of the built environment can facilitate and enable mobility, physical activity and physical connectivity of older people within the community.

Extending working lives - £5.3m

Seven projects (PDF, 111KB) are being supported to address the challenge of Extending Working lives:

  • Two Research Partnership Awards comprising cross-sector collaborations between academics, employers and other stakeholders to develop and evaluate effective interventions in the workplace that encourage participation, health and wellbeing in older workers.
  • Five Interdisciplinary Research Consortia bringing together existing UK and international academic expertise to understand the determinants of working later in life and the relationship between work, health and wellbeing of older workers.

LLHW Showcase

The 2013 Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Annual Showcase hosted researchers across a range of disciplines and showcased cross-disciplinary ageing research from around the UK. The overarching theme of the conference was impact and translating research.


LLHW Research Grants - £9m

Seven Research Grants (PDF, 285KB) supporting high quality innovative research conducted by multidisciplinary teams addressing major challenges in ageing and adding value to the overall strategic objectives of the LLHW initiative.

LLHW Pilot Studies - £2.5m

Ten LLHW Pilot Studies (PDF, 343KB) to support pilot or feasibility studies aimed at informing the development of future cross-disciplinary research projects.


LLHW Research Collaboratives - £4.5m

Three LLHW Collaboratives (PDF, 77KB) were established to build multidisciplinary teams of researchers to undertake innovative, high quality ageing research.

University of Newcastle
Professor John Mathers

University of Aberdeen
Professor Blair Smith

University of Strathclyde
Professor Philip Rowe

Collaborative Development Networks - £0.5m

Ten short-term Collaborative Development Networks (PDF, 138KB) were funded to build research capacity and capability by establishing multidisciplinary partnerships between researchers, stakeholders and users.


LLHW Centres - £14.5m

Three LLHW research centres were funded by the BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC and MRC. The centres aim to carry out multidisciplinary ageing research and to support capacity building.

Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology
University of Edinburgh
Professor Ian Deary

In 2013 the CCACE Centre in Edinburgh was renewed for an additional five years.

Centre for Brain Ageing and Vitality
Newcastle University
Professor Doug Turnbull

The Crucible Centre
University College London
Professor Nick Tyler


For all queries regarding the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing programme, please contact: lhw@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk