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Regenerative medicine & stem cells

Regenerative medicine is an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to repair or replace damaged or diseased human cells or tissues to restore normal function, which holds the promise of revolutionizing patient care in the 21st century. It may involve the transplantation of stem cells, progenitor cells or tissue, stimulation of the body's own repair processes, or the use of cells as delivery-vehicles for therapeutic agents such as genes and cytokines.

All regenerative medicine strategies depend upon the harnessing, stimulation or guidance of endogenous developmental or repair processes. Accordingly, stem cell research plays a central role in regenerative medicine, which also spans the disciplines of tissue engineering, developmental cell biology, cellular therapeutics, gene therapy, biomaterials (scaffolds and matrices), chemical biology and nanotechnology. Promoting stem cell research and regenerative medicine is a priority for the MRC and the UK government.