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Key investments

There is a range of strategic investments within the broader MRC regenerative medicine research portfolio. This includes research institutes, cross-council research partnerships and critical research facilities and resources.

Institutes, units and centres

We have several institutes, units and centres that are focused on stem cell and regenerative medicine research:

Strategic investments

Our strategic investments support research partnerships, facilities and resources that underpin and enable community ambitions. For example, through the characterisation and supply of human stem cell lines and by addressing key knowledge gaps towards realising the full potential of regenerative medicine.

Some examples of MRC-supported activities include:

Th UKRMP is a £42 million cross-council initiative established to ensure that research addressing regenerative medicine connects seamlessly from discovery science through to clinical and commercial application. It supports high quality UK research activity and translational activity that will generate scientific knowledge and help deliver the great promise of regenerative medicine to the benefit of patients and economic growth.

The UKSCB provides ethically-sourced and quality controlled human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines and associated materials to researchers worldwide, and aims to facilitate high quality and standardised research in this area. 

The HipSci resource is one of the largest, most comprehensively genotypically and phenotypically characterised collections of human iPS cell lines internationally. 

Grant awards

The MRC has made awards in regenerative medicine research through our investigator-led funding rounds as well as strategic focused investments. For example, in 2008 we set up a specific regenerative medicine research committee to support the establishment of the UK research community in this novel area. The UK regenerative medicine research field has matured significantly since then and our research boards and DPFS (translational) panel are now well placed to manage funding requests in this area. MRC awards, along with those from many other UK funders, can be searched on Gateway to Research.