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Evaluating & recording

Evaluation, monitoring and recording brings many benefits and should be adopted as a routine part of planning and delivering engagement activities. 

Evaluation planned well can:

  • help ensure projects have clear aims and objectives from the outset
  • establish the extent to which objectives have been met and with what impact (where this is practical)
  • help people improve their practice in communication and engagement
  • lead to shared learning across the MRC and wider research community
  • inform the planning of future activities and improve them
  • encourage more people to take part in communication and engagement activities.

Monitoring and recording activities

MRC establishments should record details of all engagements on the research outcomes system Researchfish within the Engagement Activities section.

MRC social media guidance (PDF, 853KB) offers advice on routine monitoring and the use of analytics for website and social media.

Consider sharing the outcomes of your evaluation with others so that they can learn what you did, what worked well and what could be done differently – visit Public engagement highlights to explore example reports.

To submit an activity evaluation, report or case study email: publicengagement@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk