Theme 1: Resilience, repair & replacement

Discovery science has opened up new opportunities for interventions in many diseases such as cancer, dementia, heart disease and restricted mobility through bone and joint disease. Understanding more about the mechanisms of resilience, repair and replacement will help channel discoveries towards preventing and treating disease.


Natural protection

To understand how resilience to disease and degeneration develops and breaks down, how it may be exploited for new interventions that improve disease processes, and how to repair it when it goes wrong.

Tissue disease and degeneration

To advance knowledge in the biology of ageing and degeneration of human tissue and to progress research tackling dementia; to understand the mechanisms of chronic inflammation and how these relate to disease.

Mental health and wellbeing

To explore the risk factors for poor mental health, and the relationship between mental and physical health, wellbeing and resilience to disease processes.

Repair and replacement

To translate the burgeoning knowledge in regenerative medicine into new treatment strategies.