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 A landscape for dementias research image with glossary (PDF 5.03MB)

MRC Rich picture with glossary FINAL 4 pdf

 MRC Network Spring 2015 (PDF 3.63MB)

MRC Network Spring 2015 pdf

2015 Network 

 Professor Marc Medelson - South Africa Scene Setting (PDF 7.48MB)

Professor Marc Medelson South Africa Scene Setting pdf

 The nutrition challenge in Peru presentation (PPTX 2.95MB)

The nutrition challenge in Peru pptx

 CONCYTEC presentation (PPT 4.01MB)

CONCYTEC presentation ppt

 AHRC-MRC GCRF webinar slides (PPTX 4.79MB)

GCRF AHRC MRC Webinar slides pptx

 Jeff Brunstorm UK-Peru workshop presentation (PPTX 3.01MB)

Jeff Brunstorm University of Bristol pptx

 Janet Cade UK-Peru workshop presentation (PPTX 2.22MB)

Janet Cade University of Leeds pptx

 Professor Rosemary Dorrington, Rhodes University (PDF 1.25MB)

Professor Rosemary Dorrington Rhodes University pdf

 Dr Greg Basarab, University of Cape Town (PDF 1.20MB)

Dr Greg Basarab University of Cape Town pdf