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 Personal Information in Medical Research (PDF 811KB)

Personal Information in Medical Research ref only2 pdf

2003 Data security ethics guidance Storage 

 Personal Information in Medical Research (PDF 303KB)

documents/pdf/personal information in medical research


 The use of personal health information in medical research June 2007 (PDF 1.43MB)

documents/pdf/the use of personal health information in medical research june 2007

Access, governance and ethics

18-Sep-2018 - Two areas of particular importance are firstly in relation to consent and secondly personally identifiable information is protected

Information charter

29-May-2014 - We may need to handle personal information about you so that we can provide services for you

GDPR: What researchers need to know

16-Apr-2018 - from participant information sheets or newsletters

MRC Regulatory Support Centre patient data 

Guidance on patient consent

01-May-2014 - Use of personal information When studying specific health problems medical researchers sometimes need to use information about people drawn from surveys

People power: the volunteers behind dementia research

14-Aug-2015 - Health and Development released today shine a light on dementia research and the growing number of everyday people committing their time and biological information

clinical research dementias dementias research neurodegeneration 

Privacy notice

21-May-2018 - The following MRC websites also fall within the scope of our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice where appropriate additional information relating

Inactive adults face higher heart disease risk

26-May-2009 - to when that person was inactive