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07-Mar-2018 - to the MRC’s research spend in different area including total research expenditure spend on cancer and cardiovascular research a detailed breakdown

cancer cardiovascular data June 2017 mental health policy research spending strategy 

Stopping the conveyor belt – cancer and fertility

20-Nov-2018 - By understanding how chemotherapy drugs can cause infertility she s hoping to find a less invasive way to protect fertility in girls and women with a cancer

cancer fertility Max Perutz Science Writing Award runner-up 

Case study - Cancer Chronotherapy

08-Dec-2017 - analysis methods for sensor data arising in several projects including cancer patients’ data arising in the French National Project PiCADo

 Annual Review 2004-05: Working together to improve human health (PDF 704KB)

in partnership 4 Accelerating research 8 A sense of achievement 12 14 Cancer 16 Cardiovascular disease and stroke 18 Respiratory disease 20 Infectious

2004 annual review cancer Cardiovascular disease diet and diabetes impact Infectious diseases neuroscience and mental health obesity Respiratory disease The ageing population 

Fighting cancer like an infection

08-Jun-2016 - in Oxford are working on an antibody from the Stanford investigators that enables the immune system to detect and kill cancer cells They are now

cancer research clinical research clinical trials immunology industry collaboration MRC Molecular Haematology Unit MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular medicine regenerative medicine single cell Stem cell research 

New insights to cancer drug resistance found

14-Oct-2009 - A gene which may help to determine resistance to certain anti cancer drugs has been identified by Medical Research Council scientists  

Cancer research and global health initiative

23-Apr-2018 - The MRC is pleased to announce our Cancer Research and Global Health Initiative, with a pump-priming call to support new collaborations with low and middle income countries (LMICs) and an outlines call for substantive proposals. Both calls aim support research that tackles the cancer burden in LMICs.

Cholangiocarcinoma: The cancer you’ve never heard of

24-Nov-2016 - explains how she is using light to improve detection of a rare cancer It s just as vital to our survival as our hearts But the first time I

cancer research Max Perutz Science Writing Award MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine science writing 

Cancer switch for repairing damaged DNA

28-May-2009 - Scientists at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology have uncovered how an important cancer gene BRCA1 works by increasing

International Agency for Research on Cancer

25-Jul-2018 - The International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC is an intergovernmental agency that forms part of the World Health Organization