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30-Apr-2014 - http //www mrc cu cam ac uk/

Clostridia in cancer therapy.

29-Sep-2015 - http //www ncbi nlm nih gov/pubmed/15035028

Detecting cancers before they strike

03-Jan-2011 - intervene before incurable cancer develops

MRC Cancer Unit

31-Aug-2016 - http //www mrc cu cam ac uk/

Cancer Research UK

12-May-2015 - http //www cancerresearchuk org/

cancer charity partnership 

The Institute of Cancer Research

22-Nov-2016 - http //www icr ac uk/

Cholangiocarcinoma: The cancer you’ve never heard of

24-Nov-2016 - In general cancer survival rates are improving dramatically now half of those diagnosed with cancer survive at least ten years after diagnosis

cancer research Max Perutz Science Writing Award MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine science writing 

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres

01-Apr-2015 - http //www ecmcnetwork org uk/

cancer experimental medicine 

Case study - Cancer Chronotherapy

08-Dec-2017 - The initial clinical context will be the fragile population of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Fighting cancer like an infection

08-Jun-2016 - Chemotherapy usually kills off most of the cancer cells but the cancer stem cells often survive allowing the cancer to return

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