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Topical Curcumin Nanocarriers are Neuroprotective in Eye Disease article in Scientific Reports


26-Jul-2018 - https //www nature com/articles/s41598 018 29393 8

Turmeric extract in eye drops could treat the early stages of glaucoma


25-Jul-2018 - from glaucoma to Alzheimer’s disease so being able to administer it easily in eye drops may end up helping millions of people ” said the

New surgery technique could restore sight in elderly


03-Jan-2011 - “Our aim has been to develop a safe effective operation to replace the diseased part of the eye before vision loss becomes permanent

Eye Health: seeing the bigger patient picture - 2017


04-Sep-2017 - diseases at the ‘Eye Development and Degeneration From Genes to Therapy’ conference

Professor Robin Ali


02-Apr-2012 - The trial will involve 12 patients with Stargardt disease a degenerative retinal disease who will receive hESC derived retinal pigment epithelium cells

Profile: Robin Ali


26-Jun-2012 - The trial will involve 12 patients with Stargardt disease a degenerative retinal disease who will receive hESC derived retinal pigment epithelium cells

gene therapy regenerative medicine retinal disease Stem cell research 

Network: Autumn 2018


04-Sep-2018 - drops with turmeric extract could treat common eye disease Features Blood donation the lifeblood of the NHS MRC Festival Bringing

Medical products: Developing a treatment for inherited blindness


01-Dec-2015 - RP refers to several genetic eye disorders that affect the retina the part of the eye that receives and converts light energy into signals that are sent

Photoreceptor transplant restores vision in mice


18-Apr-2012 - ; could form the basis of a new treatment to restore sight in people with degenerative eye diseases

Behind the picture: How fly eye cells get their shape


28-Feb-2018 - But why do fly eyes matter And how can studying fruit fly eyes help us fight cancer in humans

carcinoma confocal microscopy Drosophila Drosophila melanogaster eye fluorescence fruit fly genetics microscopy photoreceptor photoreceptor cells