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Studying blindness? There’s an app for that


24-Sep-2012 - measure someone s vision; check their refractive error glasses prescription ; take photos of the back of the eye for diseases such as diabetic retinopathy

Africa blindness Max Perutz Science Writing Award MRC fellow 

£25m to kick-start 'industrial revolution' in regenerative medicine


09-Sep-2013 - cardiovascular disease wound and musculoskeletal repair eye disorders and deafness

Scientists transplant photoreceptors from retina grown 'in a dish'


21-Jul-2013 - The loss of photoreceptors – light sensitive nerve cells that line the back of the eye is a leading cause of sight loss in degenerative eye diseases

UK Biobank opens to researchers


30-Mar-2012 - The last 100 000 participants also had hearing fitness and eye tests creating the biggest eye study ever in the process

Research sheds light on body clock and links to mental health and disease


29-Jan-2019 - It highlights the key role of the retina in the eye in helping the body to keep time

Medical breakthroughs underpinned by animal research


18-Jul-2019 - The MRC has been funding research into gene therapy for inherited eye diseases since 2004 and animal research in mice and dogs has been vital for establishing

New multimillion India-UK research centres


13-Feb-2015 - for the detection and targeted delivery of antibiotics for eye infections and promote the use of these new technologies in other infective diseases

UK Biobank


01-May-2014 - stroke  diabetes arthritis osteoporosis eye disorders  depression and forms of dementia

First patient treated with stem cell therapy for wet age-related macular degeneration


29-Sep-2015 - The cells are used to replace diseased ones at the back of the eye using a specially engineered patch

European Prospective Investigation of Cancer Norfolk EPIC - Norfolk


04-Mar-2015 - In EPIC Norfolk these include heart attacks and strokes rheumatoid arthritis diabetes thyroid disease osteoporosis dementia eye diseases and many