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UK Biobank


13-Mar-2015 - stroke  diabetes arthritis osteoporosis eye disorders  depression and forms of dementia

Funding boost will help patients reap benefits of genetic revolution


27-Aug-2012 - awards from the Medical Research Council MRC will help scientists gain fresh insights into conditions such as schizophrenia cystic fibrosis and genetic eye

Information for the Public/Stem cell therapy information


04-Jun-2018 - Stem cells offer hope for many debilitating conditions where research is underway including Parkinson’s disease diabetes cancer and eye diseases

New molecule to repair and restore brain and spinal cord function


28-Aug-2020 - Cerebellar ataxia can result from many diseases and patients have problems with balance gait and eye movements

Researchers identify gene associated with age-related hearing loss


17-Aug-2016 - This was already known to be needed for eye function but this new study linked defective Slc4a10 to age related hearing loss for the first time

Strictly Science: Exhibition celebrating 100 years of MRC achievements


05-Apr-2013 - A contemporary neurotechnology lab invites visitors to play with interactive experimental tools – Wii balance boards eye trackers and a motion

Accessible version of the MRC contribution to the NHS timeline


04-Jul-2018 - It replaces the eye s natural lens that is removed during cataract surgery

Regeneration: Taking stock


13-Sep-2012 - For example if you re carrying out research on the eye it s easy to see what s going on by using an ophthalmoscope and to remove the cells again if they

basic research MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine regenerative medicine 

Medical products: Genetic testing for ciliopathies


01-Dec-2015 - Affected embryos can also develop abnormalities in the eyes extra fingers or toes and multiple cysts in their kidneys

Dementia: why don’t we have any treatments yet?


21-Sep-2017 - So pharma companies with an eye on their profit margin are quick to withdraw investment if a drug fails to show early results

Alzheimer's disease dementia neurodegeneration UK Dementia Research Institute UK DRI