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Impact of MRC funded cohorts


4 Dec 2017 - For example ALSPAC data showed that eating oily fish during pregnancy was associated with better eye and cognitive development in children

cohort data science 

UKB brain imaging and genetics studies to 'transform' health research


10 Oct 2018 - This can result in gaze palsy a disorder which affects the movement of the eyes

World's most in depth study to detect early signs of Alzheimer's disease


22 Aug 2016 - will involve Movement and walking gait assessments using wearable devices Ophthalmological assessments to photograph the back of the eye

Scientists study how environmental and social change affects the spread of infection


13 Mar 2018 -   The Urban Zoo project has helped us understand the world through the eyes of pathogens that are a disease emergence risk in urbanising Africa and

Prizes for interdisciplinary team science


29 Aug 2017 - Regenerative medicine is a branch of science that aims to repair or replace damaged and diseased human cells and tissues

Regenerative medicine 

Regenerative Medicine Conference highlights progress being made in fast-growing field


21 Sep 2016 - These stem cells will be converted into eye cells that will be transplanted back into patients’ eyes to preserve their sight

MRC/TSB Biomedical Catalyst Scheme: Case Study 4


16 Apr 2014 - Robin Ali Professor of human molecular genetics at the Institute of Ophthalmology UCL said “The eye is a particularly good target for gene therapy

Half a million Britons join world’s most detailed health study


7 Jul 2010 - The study includes the most detailed collection of data ever undertaken on eyes and information on diet fitness bone density lung function and grip

Working at the edge: a Q&A with Doug Turnbull


3 Dec 2012 - This has really opened my eyes and we& 8217;ve taken an active role in explaining things to the public and particularly to our patients

mitochondrial disease mitochondrial transfer 

The gene editing workshops tackling invisible diseases


3 May 2019 - Chagas disease is spread by insects top left which often bite patients around the eyes causing local swelling top right

international and global health