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A parliamentary lab meeting


13 Jun 2018 - It forced me to take a step back and to see my work through different eyes

LMB mass spectrometry MP MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology pairing scheme Parliament 

Front line operations: MRC fieldworkers in The Gambia


25 Jun 2014 - vaccine programmes to preventing bacterial eye infections such as trachoma through provision of latrines

clinical research fieldwork MRC Unit MRC Unit The Gambia The Gambia 

A new informatics institute: who, what, why?


20 Oct 2016 - We believe this research will also bring huge benefits to society by advancing the understanding of disease and improving health and care for patients

bioinformatics health informatics informatics policy 

Why patient involvement in research matters


14 Jun 2017 - It was affecting my eyes and my joints and the fatigue was extremely disabling I found it impossible to carry on working

patient patient and public involvement rare disease stratified medicine 

Accessible version of MRC Timeline


8 Feb 2018 - Find out more about the trial s findings in this film 2012 Smartphone app that can diagnose eye disease MRC funded researcher Dr

Behind the picture: Charles Fletcher as the first TV doctor


26 May 2017 - Operation being filmed by the BBC Image courtesy of Lothian Health Services Archive ref GD28/8/2/10   You don t notice it at first your eye

Max Perutz Science Writing Award public engagement Science communication science television 

Saving the brain from itself


26 Sep 2013 - Close your eyes and picture a high speed car crash An elderly relative taking a tumble down the stairs

brain damage traumatic brain injury 

Translational case studies


17 Apr 2019 - These ProteaseTags can selectively detect and bind to proteases including those which are disease biomarkers for respiratory disease

Q&A: Research on the wards


20 Mar 2014 - Keep your eyes open because there are jobs coming up all the time

clinical research research nurse stroke women in science 

Working life: Surgeon and researcher Damian Mole


30 Mar 2017 - I ve been researching a disease called acute pancreatitis for nearly 20 years since before my PhD

clinical research MRC Senior Clinical Fellowship working life