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Winning and shortlisted articles

Past winners of the Max Perutz Science Writing Award as far back as 2007 are listed below, with links to news stories about the winners and each year’s successful articles where available.

2020 Sarah Taylor

Julia Wcislo (runner-up)
Miranda Buckle, Maria Stavrou, Fernanda Teixeira Subtil (commended)

Shortlisted articles

2019 Akira Wiberg

Erin Attrill (runner-up)
Anna Beukenhorst (commended)

News story
Shortlisted articles

2018 Natasha Clarke

Briet Bjarkadottir (runner-up)
Fraser Shearer (commended)

News story
Shortlisted articles (PDF, 1.16MB)

2017 Kirstin Leslie

Nadine Mirza (runner-up)
Lara Morley (runner-up)
Sophie Quick (runner-up)

News story
Shortlisted articles (PDF, 1.16MB)

2016 Liza Selley

Katie Ember (runner up)
Paul Cowling (commended)
Ainslie Johnstone (commended)
Edie Crosse (commended)

News story
Shortlisted essays

2015 Emily Eisner

Alex Binks (runner-up)
Barry Bentley (commended)
Clara Humpston (commended)
Stephanie Shoop (commended)

News story
Shortlisted essays

2014 Christoffer van Tulleken

Wiebke Nahrendorf (runner-up)
Thomas Hall  (commended)
Edward Parker (commended)
Jane Patrick (commended)

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Shortlisted essays

Previous years


Winner Runner-up and commended Links

Scott Armstrong

Clare Finlay (runner-up)
Nick Dand  (commended)
Ben Bleasdale  (commended)
Oliver Freeman  (commended)
News story
Shortlisted essays (PDF, 291KB)


Andrew Bastawrous

Ketan Shah (runner-up)
Ben Martynoga (highly commended)
Sarah Caddy  (highly commended)
James Fuller  (highly commended)

News story
Shortlisted essays (PDF, 451KB)
2011 Amy Capes Michael Wallace (runner-up)
Olly Donnelly (commended)
Alastair Webb (commended)
Shortlisted essays (PDF, 842KB)
2010 Nicola Harris James Nicholas Sleigh (runner-up)
Sam Gibbons Frendo (commended)
Neil Rajan (commended)
Shortlisted essays  (PDF, 177KB)
2009 Jackie Maybin Alastair Denniston (runner-up)
Nicola Harris (commended)
Karen Mackenzie (commended)
Alejandro Vicente-Grabovetsky (commended)
Shortlisted essays (PDF, 213KB)
2008 Michael Lee

Sophie Farooque and Clare Watkinson (joint runner-up)
Adrian Fraser (commended)
Judith Johnson (commended)
Rebecca Robey (commended)

Shortlisted essays (PDF, 251KB)
2007 Anne Corbett and Charlotte Rusby Ruth Burnett (runner-up)
Daniel Campbell-Meiklejohn (commended)
Vincent Deary (commended)
Shortlisted essays (PDF, 212KB)