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Discovery for medicine

Discovery science is a key area of focus for the MRC; between 60 and 70 per cent of the MRC’s research portfolio is classified as discovery research. The MRC is committed to expediting the impact of discovery research by bringing it closer to users in industry and clinical medicine.

The Discovery for Medicine topics reflect the MRC’s strategic assessment of the opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge-base in these areas. The MRC’s commitment to funding discovery research, across the breadth and depth of the entire MRC portfolio, is continued through a focus within this sub-set of topics. The following case studies and quantitative data demonstrate the impact of the MRC’s strong track record in leading scientific discovery.

Discovery without boundaries

Creating focused centres of discovery research in MRC institutes.

Partnering with industry

Accelerating the progress of new knowledge through the translation pipeline to improved health interventions.

Interdisciplinary science

Promoting translation of innovation across research disciplines.