Our successes

Priority challenges

The four Priority Challenges reflect the MRC’s strategic assessment of the need to tackle pressing health challenges and opportunities to exploit newly developed scientific expertise.

The MRC’s commitment to funding the breadth and depth of biomedical research is continued within this sub-set of challenges as it is across the MRC funding portfolio. The following case studies and quantitative data demonstrate the impact of the MRC’s investment into these four priority challenges.

Antimicrobial resistance

Meeting the growing threat challenging healthcare systems across the world with discovery science and a coordinated global research strategy  

Neurodegeneration, dementia & mental health

Addressing the prevalent conditions endangering lifelong brain health which levy an increasing burden on the individual and the  wider society

Prevention research

Developing interventions to reduce people’s risk of developing and dying from major diseases, in some areas using insights gained from behavioural science

Regenerative medicine

Integrating highly specialised expertise, innovation and knowledge with the aim of accelerating the discovery and development of treatments for many currently untreatable diseases