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Transforming health research

The MRC is committed to improving human health through research. By transforming the ecosystem for health research and innovation through pioneering partnerships and capacity-building schemes, the MRC has created valuable platforms, tools, and training programmes.

The three transforming health research topics reflect the MRC’s strategic assessment of the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and technology in these areas of focus. The MRC’s commitment to funding the breadth and depth of biomedical research is continued within this sub-set of topics. The following case studies and quantitative data demonstrate the impact of the MRC’s investment into these four areas for transforming health research.

Health informatics

Embedding informatics and computation in health research to create the capacity to analyse large clinical and cohort-derived datasets.

Stratified medicine

Targeting the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Epidemiology and public health research

Developing evidence-based public health strategies for the UK and globally.