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Gene therapy restores paw function in rats with spinal cord injury

14 June 2018

MRC-funded researchers at King’s College have shown that rats with spinal cord injuries can re-learn skilled front paw movements after being treated with a gene therapy. The therapy regenerated damaged tissue and could be switched on and off using a common antibiotic.

Queen's Birthday Honours 2018

11 June 2018

Dr Richard Henderson, Molecular Biologist and Biophysicist at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology was made a Companion of Honour in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to electron microscopy of biological molecules.

Kidney cancers caught stealing genes from other cell types in order to spread

7 June 2018

A study has identified how kidney cancers may develop the ability to spread around the body by hijacking genes from other cell types and ‘stealing’ their functions.

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