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Chemical shows promise at killing glioblastoma cells in mouse studies

16 August 2018

Researchers have identified a synthetic chemical, named KHS101, which causes the death of aggressive brain tumour cells from patients in laboratory tests. The researchers found that the synthetic chemical cut the energy source of glioblastoma tumour cells.

Brain scan checklist set to boost care for stroke survivors

15 August 2018

People who suffer a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain could be helped by four simple checks of their brain scans, research suggests. The checks could help spot people at risk of further bleeding so they can be monitored more closely.

Factoring in BMI and sex can help to avoid harmful side effects in type 2 diabetes

3 August 2018

Clinicians can match people with type 2 diabetes to the right drug to improve control of blood sugar and help avoid damaging side-effects, simply by factoring in characteristics such as sex and BMI into prescribing decisions, new MRC-funded research suggests.

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